Didn’t Break A Sweat! Tesla Model Y Takes On The World’s Toughest EV Test

After last month’s charge up Pikes Peak in an EV shootout against the Hyundai Nexo, the Tesla Model Y is back. This time, it’s taking on our new standard for measuring electric car range: the Loveland Trials. In this video, Tommy and Roman take our long-term Tesla Model Y Performance to the top of Loveland Pass and back — a 150-mile round trip — to see how well it meters out electricity in tough mountain driving.

Now, the 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance has an EPA-estimated range of 291 miles. We’re starting the run with a 97 percent charge, which is plenty to make it there and back. It’s not quite like challenging the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, which doesn’t technically have the range to make it one way. The Model Y has plenty of range to get you wherever you need to go in most conditions.

The question is, though, how efficiently does it manage to use power on the way up, and regenerate energy on the way down? Check out the video above to find out!