Volkswagen Teases New U.S.-Bound Compact Crossover — Is This The “Tarek”?

This is most likely the sub-Tiguan crossover meant to compete against entry-level models

Brace yourselves, folks — a new Volkswagen crossover is coming. Not terribly surprising news given how the U.S. car market has shifted over the past few years, but a move that further shows where the German automaker’s mindset lies. Mind you, VW is sticking with sedans while American companies all but abandoned the market, but even so crossovers are where the real competition is these days. To that end, meet the company’s new compact SUV, set to debut on October 13.

“We’re excited to share the first glimpse of the newest member of the Volkswagen family,” said VW of America CEO and president Scott Keogh. “Great things come in small packages, as Volkswagen has proven throughout the years with its iconic Beetle, Golf and Jetta. This next car will be no exception.”

Keogh mentioning the Beetle is likely no coincidence, as we reported last year that a new small crossover is meant to replace the now-defunct model. The small “Tarek”, otherwise known as the Tharu in the Chinese market, is a shoo-in to be the new entry point to VW’s crossover lineup. That news came via current Volkswagen de Mexico CEO Steffen Reiche, who confirmed the company’s Puebla plant would produce the new SUV.

At the time, I mentioned that the company would start building the Tarek this year. Volkswagen’s announcement is timely in that regard, then. However, reports at the time suggested it would arrive in the North American market near the end of 2021, and that timeframe may be open to interpretation over the coming weeks. If Volkswagen is announcing the Tarek now, it may kick off production much sooner than we originally thought, especially given how the small crossover market’s kicked up.

VW aims to fight in another competitive market

Bear in mind, Volkswagen’s small crossover has a huge share of competitors. From the Chevy TrailBlazer to the Kia Seltos and Mazda CX-30 among so many others, it’s clear the German automaker wants a larger slice of the American market. The Tiguan and Atlas are two of the brand’s best-selling models, though, so they may see similar success in this segment.

Fortunately, if you’ve been in the market for a small crossover, you don’t have much longer left to wait. We will post updates on this new compact SUV on October 13, so stay tuned for more updates.

While we wait for news of Volkswagen’s smallest crossover, check out one of its largest — the Atlas Cross Sport — below.