RIP Chevrolet Sonic (2011-2020)…

The Chevrolet Sonic is no more. (Images: GM)

Farewell to the Chevrolet Sonic 

The last of the fun-sized American-ish hatchbacks vanishes with the end of the Chevrolet Sonic’s run. As of the end if this year, Sonic production will end at the Lake Orion, Michigan plant. Workers will re-tool and start production on the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt EUV. 

Built as a replacement for the unloved (in our market) Chevy Aveo, the Sonic was better in every measurable way. Other markets called it the Aveo, but North American marketing saw an opening to remove the bad taste of the Aveo from our vocabulary. Thus, the “Sonic” was born. 

2013 Chevy Sonic RS revealed Inside and Out

This was the first vehicle based on GM’s new Gamma II platform, and it competed in a crowded segment that had vehicles from nearly every automaker competing – at the time.  

Chevy notified dealers last month of its plans to end Sonic production “due to declining demand,” said spokesman Kevin Kelly. – – Automotive News 

At its peak, in 2014, over 100,000 Chevrolet Sonics sold in North America. Last year, they sold a little over 16,000 in North Americ People are simply not interested in small cars like they once were. 

2014 chevrolet sonic chevy
Image: TFLcar

The Chevrolet Sonic is still available at dealerships and prices start at $17,595 for the sedan and $20,295 for the hatchback. Although, it’s safe to assume that you can get a major discount on these vehicles from a dealership right now. 

(Editorial note) This is depressing for me. As a fun hatchback lover, I felt that the Sonic RS was a truly enjoyable commuter. One that could give the owner as many smiles per mile as a more expensive, faster competitor. Even the lower-end models with less power, they were fairly entertaining. 

It saddens me that we’re killing off another fun, small car. 

We reviewed a Sonic WAY back in 2012 – and just about every other year. I still like this little runabout.