Here’s Why The New Tesla Model Y Is The Best Car Of 2020!

We know it's a big claim, but hear us out

This is TFLcar’s 2020 Tesla Model Y. Some folks at the studio adore it. [Photos: TFLcar]

Roman says that the new Tesla Model Y is the best car for 2020.

Saying anything is the “best” a bold statement, but Roman and Tommy discuss why the new Tesla Model Y is the best car for 2020. It certainly has surprised many with its explosive sales success, and many laud its driving capabilities as well. Sure, it’s no off-road machine – but it sure impresses on road. 

TFL has owned a Tesla Model 3 and Model X, so this is the third Tesla in our stable. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs, but the Tesla products have proven to be impressive overall. Roman is completely enamored with their newest model. Despite taking a step down in overall luxury and amenities, he’s truly happy with the Model Y purchase.   

Roman states that the upper portion of the Model Y is superior to the Model 3 (which it is mostly based on). That’s because there’s a lot more space. Both Tommy and Roman love the interior design is elegant and futuristic. Others may feel it’s a bit too militaristic. 

The main infotainment screen controls nearly every function of the Model Y. Tommy takes you through a detailed tour of the screen functions and even the climate controls.  The overall tech in this vehicle is almost overwhelming, especially when compared with many competitors. 

Roman and Tommy are split on the exterior design and the huge 21 inch wheels their Model Y came with. While Roman likes the massive wheels and wide rubber, Tommy would rather have a softer ride with smaller wheels. Both are split on the design, and Roman does note the build quality issues – which are rather noticeable. 

The MSRP on our 2020 Tesla Mode Y was about $65,000. That’s pricey for a small crossover, but not that much compared to German and some Japanese luxury/sport competitors. Still, the overall pricing is a bit steep for some; right now they base at $52,990. It’s possible that this will be addressed in future models. 

Check out this video and let us know what you think!