BMW Special Lunar Paint Recharges Batteries using the Moon

Photo: BMW AG

Photovoltaic technology, used in the BMW Lunar Paint, has the ability to absorb moonlight and passively recharge batteries, is a new technology being developed exclusively by BMW. The BMW Lunar Paint will allow the EV to charge day or night, darkness or light. The potential for unlimited EV range is tantalizing.

There are a variety of applications of the BMW Lunar Paint including remote outhouse power, iPhone/Android 24-hour charging, electric beanie propeller powering and 24-hour wireless power for humidors. The applications are nearly endless.

BMW has high aspirations for their future EV technology. Photovoltaic technology is a huge part of that tech, and it points to space-age technology that can be used by the average consumer on a daily basis. Let’s hope they can continue to reach higher.

Sue Pernova, BMW Innovation Director, says: “This latest offering shows our commitment to exploring new charging technologies to help improve our electric driving capabilities. Lunar Paint expands upon our already existing Solar and Digital charging solutions.”

The newest i-Series EV vehicles are candadates for the new photovoltaic technology. Other automakers are showing keen interest in BMW Lunar Paint with an eye towards future electrification of their fleets. No word on pricing, availability or gullible buyers – but we’ll keep you informed.

On a more serious note, here is our latest video on BMWs large SUV, the X7:

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