A Four-Door Mustang? Ford Might Build One, And That Makes Me Sad

Ford also teased what appears to be an electric (coupe) variant as well

Rumors are abundant in the automotive industry. Some get us very excited, while others make us scratch our heads and say, “WHY?!”

Recently, a piece of information broke from Ford’s recent dealer meeting, courtesy of Mustang6G forums. The same one where we saw what is reportedly the new Mustang Shelby GT500. That was exciting, but the other interesting piece was that Ford may be introducing a four-door, turbocharged V8 Mustang. Apparently, in that same meeting, dealers were told that a four-door Mustang is taking aim at competing with cars like the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7. A Ford Mustang competing with an $86,000 Porsche Panamera and a $68,000 Audi A7? That sounds remarkably odd. But it’s not just because of the price.

Why A Four-Door Mustang?

As we know at this point, Ford decided to get rid of every car in their lineup, save the Mustang. The Taurus, Fusion, Focus, Fiesta, and C-Max are either already out or will meet the automotive guillotine in the near future. They already have two sedans currently in production, that they decided to ax (notably because they aren’t profitable). So, why do they need to design and develop a whole new four-door mustang to make a performance sedan?

Artist’s Rendering by X-Tomi Design

Why Confuse the Mustang Name?

Branding is vital to the car industry. The Mustang brand carries significant heritage, remaining one of Ford’s longest-lived models. But should you dilute that name by adding several different vehicles to the name? I feel Ford might anger a large portion of the fanbase by adding several vehicles with the Mustang name. Some are already finding that electrified crossover hard to swallow.

Do you think the four-door Mustang a good idea? Drop a comment down below and tell me what you think!

That’s not the only radical new Mustang in the works…

The concept of a four-door Mustang may be too much for some. However, there’s also another Mustang variant kicking around. Ford recently launched its “Ford Proud” marketing campaign. The marketing move featured none other than Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame, but there was something else that caught our eye. Ford teased what looks like an all-electric variant of the Mustang:

A Mustang with no grille…could it be an electric variant? [Photo: Ford]
There’s no grille, and the car sports sharp lines and features that suggest there may be something other than the traditional V8 or even the EcoBoost four-cylinder under the hood. We’re confident a hybrid version is coming, so will this be the next logical step in the Mustang’s future? We’ll have to wait and see. Either way, a wide array of changes may soon make their way to Ford’s most iconic car.

We have had plenty of chances to drive the current (and great) Mustang GT, check out the video below to see our thoughts:

Editor’s Note 11/4/2018: Added information regarding Ford’s possible electric Mustang, in addition to the four-door variant.