2018 McLaren 720S: Why Do All the Most Popular YouTubers Love It? [Video]

McLaren dials it up to 12 with their latest 710 horsepower sports car.

So, what is it that endear’s this $343,000 McLaren 720S to the most popular YouTube stars out there?

Most of us car enthusiasts can only dream about owning a supercar. But for some of the biggest YouTube stars, that dream has become a reality. Those who are able buy the McLaren 720S. On looks alone, it’s easy to see why. On top of that, it’s also clear why this car is so popular when you delve into the numbers.

When it comes to performance, the McLaren 720S wrings 710 horsepower from its 4.0-liter V8. Thanks to two turbochargers, it also makes 568 lb-ft of torque, enough to catapult the car to 60 mph in around 2.7 seconds. The McLaren 720S also features a range of active aerodynamics to generate a huge amount of downforce. It even has Variable Drift Control, letting you control how much you can hang the tail out in the corners. Top speed? 220 miles per hour.

[Photo: McLaren]
McLaren bakes all this technology, those special gullwing doors, and aerodynamic design to create a package that’s sure to win the hearts and minds of popular YouTubers out there with several zeros in their bank accounts. And that’s a good thing, because at $343,000, you’d expect something extraordinary.

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