So Long, Farewell: 2017’s Discontinued Cars

The day of reckoning is at hand for these cars.

Some cars burst onto the scene perfectly attuned to the times. Serving up fresh ideas, neat features, or sheer visceral thrill – most cars on this list scratched the itches of eager buyers when they debuted. However, nothing lasts forever, particularly in the automotive industry. The winds of change are a’blowing, and these cars are left vulnerable in its wake. As the discerning public continues to demand innovation, automakers must make way for the future. Sometimes that process means discontinuing beloved models. Read on for a list of 2017’s discontinued cars.

8/29 CORRECTION: The original version of this article, dated August 28th, did not include the Honda Accord coupé. It has been amended to include the model’s departure with the Accord’s 2018 redesign.