Jeeper Lucky to Live When Rig Rolls Down Mountain Side

Radical Hill in the mountains near the town of Montezuma, Colorado must be one of the sketchiest Jeep trails in Summit County. The old mining road zigzags straight up a mountain side just West of Webster Pass. One unlucky tire placement and you can roll down hundreds of feet to the valley floor below.

After reading THIS harrowing tale of lucky survival for a man and his dog, it might be one Colorado Jeep trail that will get much more respect from now on.

In his Facebook post Ken McCoy writes:

“While traveling up the trail around several switchbacks, the trail at the top gave out under the back right tire pulling the jeep down the steep incline. The Jeep flipped straight backwards and rolled several times before ejecting me straight out the top. I was basically parallel in air with the hood. And yes I had my seat belt on…but it somehow failed which apparently in this case was a good thing. The next few seconds are a blur of impacts and flips before landing face down on the mountain side and catching myself from falling any further.”

McCoy goes on to write that both he and his dog, Barbie were ejected from the Jeep, Miraculously both survived the roll down the mountain. Under many circumstance being ejected from a vehicle is much more dangerous than staying belted in the vehicle.

As you can tell by this picture and the video in the McCoy’s Facebook story, the Jeep’s roll cage all but pancaked while the Wrangler sustained serious damage.

McCoy goes on to write:

“Me, I wasn’t so lucky. After going airborne and face planting the side of the mountain, I ended up with a huge gash across my forehead and a small fracture to my nose. I have cuts and bruises all over…even my finger tips are bruised. I have two broken ribs…and a Jeep that is twisted rubble. But somehow, I walked away…with my dog.”

Check out the video below to see what the Jeep looked like after the rolling down the Radical Hill.

Photo and Video: Ken McCoy