Is Jeep Being Sold to China? [Ask TFL]

Lately there have been a few rumors floating around that Jeep could potentially be sold to Chinese automaker Great Wall. So, Is Jeep being sold to China? On this episode of Ask TFL, Andre and Nathan discuss these rumors to help clear the air around these rumors.

Jeep Makes Money

This is probably the biggest reason why FCA will not part with the Jeep brand. Jeep has been hugely successful lately. Given that FCA has been struggling financially, it would not make any sense for them to part with one of their most profitable brands. Right now, it may be one of the only things actually keeping the company afloat. It has been a well known part of FCA’s plan to continue growing Jeep. Selling the brand is a pretty bad way to have it grow and still make money. So no, Jeep is not being sold to China any time soon.

Other Topics

Of course, Andre and Nathan didn’t only talk about the rumors of Jeep being sold. They also had the opportunity to discuss some other viewer questions in the Ask TFL segment. Topics discussed included news surrounding the Tesla commercial “Long Haul” truck, some consumer advice for a viewer purchasing a Ram Power Wagon, plus some Jeep Scrambler pickup news and Live viewer questions. To hear what else the guys had to say, and to see what questions our viewers came up with on air, be sure to watch the whole video!