Copzilla! Meet the Mighty Nissan GT-R Cop Car

Bad boy, bad boy what you gonna do…when Copzilla comes for you?

Let’s face it seeing the flashing lights of a police car in your rear view mirror is always a surprise, but what if that surprise is a Nissan GT-R Cop car.

This must be every speeders worst nightmare come true because out running Johnny Law when he’s driving a car that’s capable of 0-60 MPH in under 3 seconds is not going to be easy. Hell, you might as well just Apple Pay your speeding ticket right on the spot.

But this is also not something that you have to worry about because this Nissan GT-R Cop car is just a “fun” PR project that the boys and girls at Nissan of North America in Franklin, Tennessee dreamed up to promote the brand and the GT-R.

Officially dubbed Pursuit 23 after Nissan two favorite numbers this Nissan GT-R Cop car is sort of a cross between your local Ford, Dodge or Chevy Police Car and the Batmobile. There’s a custom front fascia and a massive wing that looks almost like the Nissan GT-R Cop car is meant to take off when accelerating. There are also massive 22 inch tires that give the car a backbreaking ride when combined with the needed coilovers to make the suspension worth with the massive tires. There’s also little to no backseat room for when the bad is caught. And since this is a concept police car it is illegal for Nissan to actually use all of those police lights on a public roads.

However, as the ultimate Nissan GT-R Cop car, it is pretty badass as I found out during a recent visit to Nissan’s North American HQ in Franklin, Tennessee.

So why is the Nissan GT-R Cop car called Pursuit 23?

Please watch the video below to find out. I’m just happy that this Nissan GT-R Cop car is only a concept car. Imagine seeing one of these in your rear view mirror on a fast and furious Friday night?