2017 Honda Civic Type R makes its Debut in Paris [News]

Honda Civic Type R front

Honda was arguably one of the most dominant car manufacturers of the 1990’s. Their cars were fun and affordable, and remain some of the best bargain sports cars to date, cars like the S2000, the NSX, and even many variations of sporty Civics. However, in the mid 2000’s it felt like Honda’s performance car output quieted down a lot. Honda sent out a lot of good, but rather boring economy cars that really didn’t bring out the proverbial fizz in a lot of car enthusiasts.

That may finally change. Honda (technically Acura) finally made a sequel to one of the most important sports cars ever in the new NSX, and they have just announced another important return for the brand, and a new face to the US market, as the 2017 Honda Civic Type R makes its debut in Paris, albeit as a prototype. Honda seems to be quite proud of this one, and they may have the data to back up their enthusiasm.

Honda Civic Type R back

What separates this Type R from the run-of-the-mill Civic Si? A lot of it is aesthetic changes. A massive rear wing, as well as a carbon fiber front splitter, a plethora of intake vents (including hood scoop), 20-inch piano-black alloy wheels with 245 section tires, and of course the trademark of any car with the Type R name, the famous red ‘H’ badge that lets everyone know exactly the type of car they are dealing with, literally…

Honda Civic Type R wheel

While we have a good idea of the design of the car, Honda has not given us much in the form of performance figures. Although, the Type-R has been spied doing testing at the Nürburgring, presumably going after the FWD segment record. Do note that this is just a prototype model, so we may see a few changes on the production car when it is revealed at SEMA the first weekend in November this year.

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