A Walking Tour of the Newly Renovated Alfa Romeo Museum [Video]

Alfa Romeo Museum
The newly renovated Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, Milan, Italy.

Alfa Romeo recently re-opened its museum in Arese, Milan, Italy, and TFLcar’s Roman Mica was there and filmed a walking tour of the newly-renovated building.

The museum, named “La macchina del tempo – Museo storico Alfa Romeo,” was completely redesigned by architect Benedetto Camerana in 2013. Work on the project started in summer of 2014 and was completed in less than 12 months.

Alfa Romeo Museum

Each floor of the museum is dedicated to a particular theme related to the Alfa Romeo brand. The “Timeline” theme occupies the first floor and showcases the history and development of the brand through 19 cars from throughout the brand’s history.

On the ground floor, the “Beauty” exhibit showcases Alfa Romeo’s design throughout the years with several themed areas. The themes range from a celebration of Italian coachbuilders to Alfas in the movies to a spotlight on the Giulia and Giulietta models.

The lower level is called “Speed” and represents Alfa Romeo’s rich racing history with some of the most important and legendary vehicles from the company’s racing past. At the end of the tour is the Temple of Victories that highlights the 10 most important victories for Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo Museum

The museum houses 69 vehicles from throughout the company’s 105-year history, including the very first A.L.F.A. car to Mille Miglia winners driven by legends like Tazio Nuvolari and Juan Manuel Fangio to production models like the Giulia and Giulietta.

The museum is part of Alfa Romeo’s global relaunch plan and is considered a symbol of the company’s rebirth. It is also part of a brand center that includes a cafe, a bookshop, a test track and a customer delivery area.

The Alfa Romeo museum was first opened in 1976, but was closed in 2009 after the Arese production plant was closed down.

Check out the full walking tour of the Alfa Romeo museum in this TFLcar video: