Dodge CEO Kuniskis Denies 1,200 Challenger SRT Hellcat Limit

HellcatDodge CEO Tim Kuniskis pulled the covers off the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat at a press event yesterday in Detroit, and also addressed some questions and concerns about the rollout of the Hellcat line of automobiles. One of those issues was the stories floating around saying there would only be 1,200 Challenger SRT Hellcats sold. He seemed visibly frustrated by the stories and wanted to set the record straight.

Kuniskis_Timothy_A_2010According to Kuniskis, there are no plans to limit the production of the Challenger Hellcat to 1,200 examples. Part of making the car obtainable to people at a reasonable $60,000 is to make sure people who can afford and want it can get access to it. They won’t make the car forever, and that if you missed the first muscle car era you won’t want to miss this one, but he gave no production limitations on either the Charger or Challenger SRT Hellcat.

From our perspective, $60,000 will naturally limit sales. There is a large subset of car buyers who wouldn’t spend that much money on a Charger, no matter how much power or how good the car is. They’ll be drawn to premium marques. But if you walk into a Dodge dealer with the money, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the car you want. Hopefully this news will help prevent profiteering dealerships from charging ridiculous markups on the car because it’s “limited production.” It probably won’t stop them, but it’s a nice thought.

Chad Kirchner

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