BMW 3 Series lineup Expands with Debuts at 2013 New York Auto Show

This April, the 2013 New York Auto Show will be the place where the 2014 BMW 3 series model expansion will be displayed. BMW is debuting its new 328 diesel wagon, Gran Turismo and a concept called the Active Tourer Hybrid for North America. It’s exciting that the new variations of the 3 series will be giving the 320i base model some good company.

Wagons are slowly gaining popularity again in the U.S. and BMW will be a top contender with their offering of a diesel version 328d sports wagon.  This newly introduced model to the US market will complement the diesel sedan, production of which for the US has already been confirmed by BMW. Performance from the BMW diesel is quite outstanding. Horsepower comes in at 180 combined with 280 lbs-ft of torque. Power to the pavement is provided by an 8 speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, no manual option will be available in U.S. The European version darts 0-60 in 7.4 seconds, so the stateside model should be the same. As for fuel economy, the numbers are promising. On the European cycle the wagon can reach up to 52 mpg. Given the 20 or so percent in the American cycle, 40mpg average shouldn’t be hard to get. Production is scheduled to start in July this year, although it has not been confirmed by the manufacturer. Fingers are crossed that the sports wagon will be the first luxury diesel AWD car in the U.S. An insider at a local BMW dealer confirmed that AWD will be definitely an option. We shall wait and see! But one thing is for sure: it’s truly about time that diesel car stigma falls to the wayside in the U.S.

2014-BMW-3-Series-Gran-Turismo bmw
A new performance 3 series models North American debut will be the Gran Turismo, a 5 series GT’s Minnie Me. With either 5 or 3 series GT’s, a question still remains: what is the proper body style name? Would it be a hatchback or a lift-back? Numbers on the car come in quite nicely on either engine choice. The standard 2.0l twin turbo spools out 240 hp and 255 lbs-ft or torque. The other engine is a N/A 3.0 straight 6. Respectably, the GT’s 300 hp and 300 lbs-ft are a nice balance of power. Production of the 3 series Grand Turismo is scheduled for some time this summer. To date, no official pricing has been announced.
BMW hybrid
According to BMW news, to debut with the new 3 series model is the Concept Active Tourer, which could be easily considered a peek into the future of BMW’s engineering. This new concept features hybrid plug-in technology along with a 3 cylinder gasoline engine. With this combination of motors and low wind resistant wedge shaped body, 95 mpg should be easily achieved.

BMW is really putting some thought into this premium hybrid. One of the really impressive features is what BMW calls “Cool Shade”. It is a glass roof that uses “Suspended Particle Device” technology. With the press of a button the glass can be clear or significantly darkened depending on the occupant’s choice.

The new 3 series model range will offer quite a variety for consumers to choose from.The 328d sports wagon is a very practical daily driver with performance and can make a run to the home improvement store with ease. The GT is a great choice for an entry level BMW performance machine.

Enjoy this fun TFLcar video where 2013 BMW 335i xDrive posts a blistering 0-60 time at Mile High: