Project Pickup: Make your old truck sound & perform better with a Performance Exhaust (Part 2)

Make your old truck sound & perform better with a Performance Exhaust
Make your old truck sound & perform better with a Performance Exhaust

A 10-year-old pickup can’t compete with a new truck in terms of power and torque…or can it?

With the addition of a new performance exhaust you can make your old truck run and sound better.

In this episode of Project Pickup (part 2) we continue on our quest to modify our ten-year-old diesel Chevy Silverado to more modern specs with a new Performance Exhaust.

In this second part of TFLcar’s episode we test the truck from 0-60 MPH to see if the installed MBRP Performance Exhaust that we got from ( has made the pickup faster and lauder. So does a more free flowing exhaust increase the speed and boost the performance of our 10-year-old pickup. You’ll have to watch this video to find out.


MBRP:  “All MBRP Performance exhaust systems are designed and manufactured to the same exacting specifications regardless of material grade.

– The lowest bend degree angles and smooth mandrel bends means that exhaust gases have an easier path to the tip, move faster and reduce gas temperatures. Your vehicle maintains optimal operating temperatures.

– It “fits right the first time.” Our rigorous testing procedures ensure that every component will fit as expected. Guaranteed.

– Each kit is designed to fit as many configurations of the same vehicle as possible. That means that there is no fussing about whether you have a super cab or crew cab, long bed or short bed. We fit them all.

– Easy, bolt-on design, makes the MBRP experience as installer friendly as possible. Things like OEM style hangers and bolt on installation make the difference. And if you do run into difficulty, we provide clear, detailed instructions, additional support at www. and knowledge customer and technical support staff just a toll free call away.

– A performance exhaust system is much like a musical instrument. Quality engineering is important, but if the installed system does not sound right, then it is not much use. Hundreds of test miles and hundreds of hours are invested into every system to guarantee you the greatest sound, durability and performance available from any exhaust systems anywhere.”

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