Chevrolet Says, “No Soup for You America” with its Colorado Concept Pickup Truck

Ah, I remember the first time I read a spy report about the Chevy S10 replacement. I was thrilled to hear about dual overhead cam four and five cylinder engines and liked the idea of more space. Sadly, the current Chevrolet Colorado never quite lived up to my expectations.

Still it’s a good, simple little truck.

Then I catch a glimpse of a NEW Colorado! Oh – wait… it’s not coming to America? It’s only being sold in Thailand? Besides it’s a concept and no one likes small trucks in the United States – right?


This Thailand-only Chevrolet concept Colorado has a 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine and a small extra-cab configuration (the back doors have back-sided hinges). They say it has all-wheel drive. Other than that, there are very few details.

I think it’s a much better looking truck than the current Chevrolet Colorado and maybe a more fuel efficient, small truck has a chance for a swan song. I mean, don’t you miss some of those great little trucks of the 80’s and 90’s?

I miss the Mitsubishi Mighty Max, Ford Courier and Isuzu P’up as I had some friends who drove them. They could haul, get good mileage and were simple. Remember those days? I had a Jeep Cherokee pickup and it was the perfect size for 95% of what I needed – back in the day.Chevrolet_colorado_steering_ns_32111_717

This shines a light on a disturbing trend. Other large automakers who claim to be streamlining their vehicle platforms to work on a global scheme are dropping the ball. Read about the new Ford Ranger the U.S. will never have (Here). Other automakers are abandoning small trucks altogether.

I hope Chevrolet changes their mind about letting the current Chevy Colorado and its GMC Canyon brother sit in obscurity. Their engines are still good and the platform’s size is nearly ideal. Maybe the gods at GM will permit us wee-little truck lovers something special to look forward to.


(Sob) It’s just not fair. Now I’m gonna’ go in the corner and pout.

Here’s some video fun with a slightly larger GMC truck.

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