Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche make large Donations for Japan’s Disaster Relief

We at wish we had more resources to help Japan in its time of need. We have met and know many friendly engineers, workers and executives from Japan that have undoubtedly suffered in one way or another. We send them our very best. Fortunately, we can broadcast our support for automakers that go out of their way to help.

Volkswagen and Audi just donated a million Euros each and Porsche donated half a million Euros – all for disaster relief in Japan. It’s a fine representation of the heart of this massive company. For those of you keeping score, Volkswagen has been supporting many disaster relief programs like Doctors Without Borders for ongoing Haiti relief.

Good stuff.  

Many of Volkswagen AG’s employees have expressed the desire to help the people of Japan.
“In addition, the President of the Volkswagen Group Works Council, Bernd Osterloh, announced: “This week, we will be calling on the workforce to contribute to a major donation campaign. Preparations are already well underway. The strong feeling of solidarity demonstrated by our colleagues is overwhelming. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Japan who have experienced such indescribable suffering.”

Osterloh was convinced that the workforce of Volkswagen and Audi would participate with considerable commitment. He added that employees would receive further information on the campaign this week. Colleagues suggested that we should cooperate with the German Red Cross to provide support in Japan. The German Red Cross has close links with the Japanese Red Cross, which is organizing aid through a well-developed infrastructure. We took up this proposal and established contact with the local Red Cross in Wolfsburg and the German Red Cross headquarters in Berlin. It was agreed that donations from the Volkswagen workforce should support humanitarian aid in Japan and the work of the Red Cross,” Osterloh explained.” – – Volkswagen MediaIMG_2323

Roman Mica and I (I’m Nathan Adlen) will be keeping an eye on the wire regarding Japan and we’ll bring you additional, significant updates. This is a world crisis and we’re glad to see the automotive community rallying behind Japan. If you’re interested in helping Japan in its time of need, click (HERE) for the Japanese Red Cross Society link.

Vielen Dank, für sehr großzügig zu sein.

Here’s a nifty video showing Volkswagen’s incredible efficiency.  

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