LA Auto Show surprise: Subaru Impreza concept is neither quirky nor ugly


Yes, Subaru can design a handsome car.

Of course over the years many past and even some current Subaru models have been termed “quirky” looking by Subaru fans, but let’s face it “quirky” is just a polite world for ugly.

But today in LA Subaru rolled out the new Impreza concept that is neither qiirky or ugly. In fact the car is downright handsome.


Subaru says, “From the front, the Impreza Design Concept is clearly recognizable as a Subaru, with a hexagonal grille with spread wings in the center and hawk eye-style headlights. At the same time, the front view previews a new direction for the brand’s design, with the hood, grille and headlights designed to project three-dimensional character.

Fin-shaped fog lamps, which follow the wing motif, emphasize a fresh expression of Subaru identity. The car’s low-and-wide stance is meant to convey reliability, security, and safety. The design of the prominent wheel arches echo that message while also emphasizing the vehicle’s All-Wheel Drive technology.”


In the engine bay is Subaru’s new 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine mated to a CVT gearbox.

But that really doesn’t matter because no matter what engine they eventually put in the car, it promises (if built) to be the best looking Subaru since the Italian designed SVX.

Are you a fan of Subaru design quirky or otherwise?

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