LA Auto Show: 2012 Nissan GT-R rips hole in atmosphere from 0-60 3.0 in seconds


Nissan rolled out the 2012 GT-R at today’s LA Auto Show with a twist. The new GT-R gets 530 horsepower and 488 pound-feet of torque…for those of you counting that’s 45 horses than the current model.

What that means in real world numbers is that the GT-R should be capable of going 0-60 in about three seconds as the video below demonstrates.

Nissan found the extra ponies by increasing the boost to the two turbos of the all-wheel-drive monster (read Godzilla) super car.

Of course there are also cosmetic tweaks to the 2012 GT-R. Those include a bigger front facial opening and of course the now almost obligatory LED running lights. There are also bigger exhaust outlets out the back, and a coefficient of drag that drops to just 0.26.

But you know what…all that doesn’t really matter as much as just this one magic number: 3.

As in that’s how fast the new 2012 car will rocket your butt to 60 mph.

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