Video: The sound of silence revealed by the all electric Nissan Leaf


"I've almost killed four people in the parking garage," a driver of the Toyota Prius recently told us when we asked her about how silent the car could be when driven in the EV (electric only) mode.

Now keep in mind that the Prius is a hybrid so it must eventually fire up the engine and make some typical car noise.

But that's certainly not so will the all electric 2011 Leaf.

But the folks at Nissan say they have a solution and its called VSP….which they say stands for approaching vehicle sound for pedestrians.

Nissan, in the video below, says they've done a lot of work with Hollywood sound studies and various organizations that work with the blind to come up with a sound for silence, or in other words, a sound for the Leaf to acoustically warn both the sighted and non-sighted pedestrian that the car is either approaching or leaving.

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Take a look and listen at the Nissan Leaf video below. To us it just sort of sounds like a fancy beep.

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