Video: Audi wins first, second and third place with TDI at Le Mans


It looked like Peugeot would finally put an end to Audi's recent total dominance of Le Mans at the beginning of the weekend as the French manufacturer had the fastest car but…

When the checked flag came down it was Audi in the TDI cars in first, second and third place once again setting the bar at the classic 24 hour race.

And to make matter worse for Peugeot fans, none of the French cars made it to the finish.

The winning Audi was driven by Timo Bernhard, Romain Dumas and Mike

Allan McNish drove the Audi that finished in third and said, "We didn’t believe we would be able to do a one-two-three, that’s for

"We didn’t like
to see the Peugeots go out like that — I like to fight to the end
," he added.

Check out the video below as the Audi's cross the finish line.

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