Video: Cars unleashed at the first annual Rocky Mountain Driving Experience


Let’s face it the fastest you can drive a modern car on public roads is 75 mph.

But what if you have a Corvette or a Raptor? Can you really use the car to the fullest the way the manufacturer designed it to be used? Can you push the car until your eyes widen and your face explodes in a huge smile?

If you are a journalist with the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press the answer is yes.

Recently journalist from the Rocky Mountain region had the chance to drive dozens of cars from over a dozen manufactures, both on the road, track and off-road as part of the Rocky Mountain Driving Experience or RMDE.

The idea was for them to see test the cars to their fullest potential.

So what’s it like to drive a Corvette or a Hemi powered Chrysler the to the car maximum potential?

Watch the video and find out.

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