Tesla to raise $185M in IPO to build more electric cars


Here are some key numbers to keep in mind regarding today's Tesla Motors IPO announcement:

$185 million…that's how much money the company that currently builds the all electric Tesla Roadster is trying to raise in its IPO.

11.1 million…that's how many shares the company is currently selling.

$14 to $16…that's how much a share will cost should you decide to invest.

$290.2 million…that's how much money the company has lost since 2003.

147.6 million…that's Tesla's total revenue since 2003.

1,063 Roadsters….that's how many cars (the Roaster) the company has sold to date.

June 29th…the day of the IPO

Toyota and Tesla recently announced a partnership to build the upcoming Model S in California.

Click HERE as we take the 2010 Tesla Roadster for a road

According to Tesla the new partnership means that the NUMMI factory in California
will eventually rehire about 1000 workers to build the Model S.

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