First drive follow-up video: Is the 2011 Ford Fiesta better than a Honda Fit?


It’s one of the best selling cars in Europe but you can’t buy it here….yet…that is.

Ford is about to do something that we think is just a bit unusual for an American auto maker.

Ford is bringing their European Fiesta to a dealership near you.

That’s right, pretty much the same car you can buy in Europe…you’ll be able to buy here this summer.


So we had to find out if the Fiesta is as good as some of the best competitors including the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris.

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for a recent review of the Honda Fit.

At the recent North American launch of the Fiesta we had the chance to drive all three cars back to back and the question is an obvious one.

Does the Fiesta have what it takes to compete with the Honda Fit and even the cheaper Toyota Yaris?

Just watch the video to find out.

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