2010 Chicago Auto Show Poll: Pick the most gorgeous women of the Windy City


What would an auto show be without beautiful cars and the beautiful women who love them?

OK, there are plenty of good looking guys who love cars as well, but the manufactures very rarely seem to feature them on the rotating new car stands.

Who would have thought?

Of course the 2010 Chicago Auto Show was no exception…featuring some of the most stunning cars and women of the Windy City (Thanks Autoblog for the fine name).

So without further delay below are the stunning women of the 2010 Chicago Auto Show.

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The Chicago Auto Show runs through February 21st.

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Windy City Women 1


Windy City Woman 2


Windy City Woman 3


Windy City Woman 4


Windy City Woman 5


Windy City Woman 6


Windy City Woman 7


Please vote below and pick your favorite Windy City Woman of the 2010 Chicago Auto Show.

Best of all as soon as you vote you'll see the current poll results.