2010 Chicago Auto Show Video: Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid debuts along with sexy new convertible


Who says that expensive luxury cars can't be environmentally friendly?

Certainly not Fisker.

The new U.S. premium car manufacturer recently debuted two new models at the Chicago Auto Show.

OK, so the Fisker Karma isn't all that new, but this is the first time the Fisker Karma Sunset is on public display. In Chicago right next to Karma you'll find the jet black and new Fisker Karma Sunset convertible, which is about as sexy as it gets for a plug-in hybrid.

Check out the EV competition (the up coming Tesla Model S) HERE to compare the two cars for yourself.

The Karma is almost production ready and Fisker hopes to start selling the Karma later this year. The company says it has 1600 pre-orders for the car which starts at $87,900 and comes with a whooping big 403 horsepower from two electric motors.

You can get an up close and personal view of the sexy new Karma by watch the video below.

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