Weekly Drive: Who would have thought…an athletic Toyota Camry?


When they dropped off this Blue Ribbon Metallic Camry (Toyota's color description) something seemed distinctly odd.

First check out the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) wheels. They are 18"  $2100.00 option and they certainly make the car look (dare we say) Sporty?

Combined with the Camry's Sports Suspension package which includes solid front and read anti-roll bars, and sport springs ans bushings…this is certainly no longer your father's Camry.

Of course what sports car would be complete without a seriously fast engine and in this regard the Camry does not disappoint.

This stunning blue example comes with Toyota's optional silky smooth 3.5L V6 which cranks out 268 horsepower, and gets an impressive at 19 mpg city/28 highway.

How does it drive?

Perhaps the best word to describe the car's performance and handling is athletic.

You can actually feel what the wheels are doing and (get this) the steering is lively and precise in a way that's more accomplished weekend worrier than couch potato. 

The last Camry we drove was the hybrid version which left us impressed but bored.

You can check out the Camry Hybrid review HERE.

Look for the full review of the this athletic Camry soon.

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