Rivian Customers Can Now Charge Up Using Tesla’s Supercharger Network

If you don't want to pay for an adapter out-of-pocket, Rivian will ship one out in the next few weeks

(Images: Rivian)

Rivian owners can use the Tesla Supercharger network starting now.

With virtually every automaker jumping on the NACS bandwagon, 2024 is the year non-Tesla owners will finally be able to experience what is ostensibly the best current charging network with their vehicles. Rivian owners are now part of that equation, as they can now access Tesla’s 15,000-station network in North America.

For all the early adopters out there, you do need to overcome one hurdle: not having a native NACS port. To solve that issue, Rivian will ship out free CCS-to-NACS adapters in April. It’s also worth noting Rivian vehicles can only charge at V3 Superchargers using the adapter. The V3 chargers charge at up to 250 kW, but the slower 150-kW V2 chargers aren’t compatible with R1T or R1S vehicles using the adapter.

Fortunately, it seems the experience on the whole should be fairly painless. Not only do you have another option to charge up, but the “plug and charge” feature is still in play where you can just pull up to a station, plug in and the charging session will bill directly to whichever payment method you selected in your Rivian account. Drivers can find available Superchargers through the navigation page on the R1’s 15.6-inch touchscreen.

The adapter issue is a temporary one. From 2025 onward, all Rivian vehicles from the R1T and R1S to the upcoming R2, R3 and R3X will come with the NACS port installed, so you’ll be able to plug into the Supercharger network — or other EV infrastructure that will also support NACS next year — directly without needing to lug around an adapter.