The Race-Ready Ford Mustang Dark Horse R Commands a Cool $145,000: Here Are the Details

This race-bred 'Stang will set you back a cool $145,000

Ford is rolling out the racing versions of the new Mustang, including this Dark Horse R.

When the Blue Oval first revealed the brand-new S650 Mustang, it promised racing versions aplenty. We’ve seen the GT3 and GT4 already, and now it’s time for the next round: the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse R.

As you correctly surmised from the name, this is indeed based on the most hardcore (at least right now) version of the V8-powered GT. To create this bespoke racer, though, Ford pretty much took nearly everything to a new level. Folks will soon be able to buy it for the 2024 Mustang Challenge racing series, though each one will set you back $145,000 if you want to take part.

So, what all has changed?

Well, let’s first start with what hasn’t changed. Interestingly — or disappointly, depending on how you approach a race-spec Mustang — the 500-horsepower, 5.0-liter Coyote V8 and 6-speed Tremec manual transmission come over from the standard Dark Horse unfettered, as far as the numbers go.

That said, you do get a Borla exhaust system, if the normal Mustang Dark Horse just isn’t loud enough for you. Ford also prepped this race car with Recaro FIA-spec racing seats, a full roll cage, racing fuel cell, Multimatic DSSV dampers, an upgraded oiling system, better Brembo brakes, improved transmission and differential cooling, adjustable front camber plates and anti-roll bars and Michelin racing slick tires. As you’d expect with a racing car, Sparco also supplies a six-point FIA racing harness and fire suppression system. Finally, you get a MoTeC data display and logging system, fortified tow hooks and jacking points, underbody tie-down hoops for transport and a quick-release steering wheel.

The IMSA-sanctioned Mustang Challenge Series starts next year, before which those who put down their order will get their Dark Horse R. The series runs on a 10 to 12-race calendar, with five or six North American race car weekends as-yet unannounced. The top finishers in each race earn contingency payouts, but of course the goal is to reach the top as the overall series champion.

Check out more on the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse R with Kase and pro racing driver Paul Gerrard below: