Toyota CEO: More GR Sports Cars Are on the Way

If you've enjoyed Toyota's recent GR offerings, you're in luck — it looks like we're in for much more

Toyota is reportedly charging full steam ahead with its GR development under new CEO Koji Sato.

After a couple fairly dull decades preceding the last few years, Toyota is really getting into an awesome stride with its new GR models. Not only did we get a new Supra (regardless of the misgivings about its development…I won’t beat that dead horse anymore here), but we also have a new GR 86 and a GR Corolla hot hatch. According to a recent Autocar interview chatting with new company boss and former Lexus head Koji Sato, the Gazoo brand will bring more models to our doorstep — and faster than you might think.

Of course, the brand’s been mum on exactly what’s coming down the pike since the GR Corolla hit the scene last year. We’ve gotten a few glimpses of what may emerge in the near future under the Gazoo Racing banner, including a two-seater electric sports coupe as something to possibly rival the imminent Porsche 718 EV coming mid-decade. We could also see a sporty version of the bZ4X crossover, or perhaps the company will jazz up one of its existing models. A Toyota GR Prius or a GR Sienna would be a properly wacky move for a brand that’s spent way too long churning out relatively conservative updates lo these many years.

Sato gives a wink and a nod toward former CEO Akio Toyoda as a mastermind for upcoming GR projects.

Mr. Toyoda was the “Master Driver” and he’s long had a penchant for sports cars. “Our Master Driver was also president of the company at the same time as he had a steering wheel in his hand for Gazoo. Now he is only chairman maybe he will have a lot more time to develop sports cars for them?”

Hmm…Well, color me interested. If Toyota launches another GR model that’s even just as good as the GR Corolla, then we’ll be in for a hell of a good lineup in the next few years as the company hammers out its electrification strategy.

At any rate, it sounds like we’re in for a fun year, so stay tuned for more updates!