Toyota GR Corolla vs Supra MT vs GR 86: All Three Toyota Sports Cars Compared!

We finally get a chance to check out all three of Toyota's newest sports cars at the same time

Toyota GR Supra vs. GR 86 vs. GR Corolla
(Image: TFL Studios)

Toyota’s lineup gets a lot more interesting this year thanks to these three GR sports cars.

You may know Toyota for their solid-selling, remarkably reliable — if not necessarily exhilarating cars — and SUVs. But things have changed quite a bit in the past couple years. Not only do we have a brand-new Toyota GR 86 to play with, but the automaker also resurrected the Supra in the past couple years and (finally) gave it a manual transmission. At least, you can get on with the 3.0-liter engine, but at least that’s how you should get it anyway.

Then, speaking of “finally”, we have hot hatchback in our midst. The Toyota GR Corolla is finally coming to the U.S. this fall. With 300 horsepower and all-wheel drive, it should be a seriously fun machine. Now, driving impressions for all these cars are coming up in a couple weeks. In this video, Roman and Tommy take you on a walkaround and show you everything that the Gazoo Racing lineup has to offer.

What’s great about looking at these three together is that each car has a different flavor. Both the Supra and the GR 86 offer up rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission, but how each goes about putting a smile on your face is a bit different. The Supra is a turbocharged powerhouse, while the 86 offers up some unique touches including its 2.4-liter boxer engine.

Specifically, the GR 86 the guys are looking at here is the 10th Anniversary Special Edition. That brings the bright Solar Shift paint, as well as black graphics and a matte-black exhaust and spoiler. The GR Corolla gets a special model as well in the GR Corolla Circuit Edition. That adds in front and rear Torsen limited-slip differentials, as well as performance brakes.

Which of the three would you choose?

Since each car has its own flavor, choosing one can be a tough call. Or maybe not, if you’re the enthusiast who knows exactly what they want in their daily driver or track toy.

Nevertheless, you’ll get a look around all three of Toyota’s GR offerings here. Let us know which one you’d prefer!