The Mini Multitone Editon Adds Tri-Color Roof Option to Hatchback, Clubman Models

Here's another choice if you want to bring a bit more flair with your Mini

(Images: Mini)

This new Mini Multitone Edition adds in more unique elements to models beyond the electric Mini Cooper SE hatchback.

While it debuted last year with Mini’s full-electric model, the new Multitone Edition announced Wednesday expands the option through more of the brand’s conventional lineup. That includes the 3-door and 5-door Mini Hardtop, as well as the Clubman wagon. If you’re looking for a little bit of flair when ordering a new Mini — and the roof has always been a rich vein for customization — then this may appeal to you.

Specifically, the Mini Multitone Edition adds a three-color roof, sprayed in a gradient where white, silver and black fade into one another. Due to the “wet-on-wet” painting process used to make the Multitone happen, changing environmental conditions could lead to slight (and unique) deviations in the color pattern, Mini says. What’s more, perpendicular stripes that curve toward the passenger side A-pillar, then run straight down the right side of the car add another distinctive touch.

The theme goes on through both the exterior and interior, as well. You get gloss white contrasts on the door handles, mirrors and fuel filler caps, for example. The Mini 3-door and 5-door Multitone Editions also come exclusively with Sage Green paintwork. The Clubman, for its part, gets an Indian Summer Red, but all models get the same three-color roof setup. Each car also gets two-tone red and green fender badging with small “Multitone Edition” font.

Depending on the model, each Mini Multitone Edition gets 17- or 18-inch two-tone alloy wheels.

No word yet on either pricing or availability. We should know more on that in the coming weeks, though, and I wouldn’t expect this cosmetic option to cost too much over your standard Mini 3-door, 5-door or Clubman model.