Meet Ralph “The Limo Driver”: Denver Broncos Superfan and Champion of Charity Who’s Making a Comeback!


Legendary Denver Broncos superfan, Ralph “The Limo Driver” Williams is mounting a comeback. He plans on getting a new limo too!

There’s more to the entertainer known as The Limo Driver than his superfan persona. He’s an announcer, actor, singer and more. His first Broncos-themed limo was a custom (late) 1970s Mercedes Benz S-Class. This is the one he painted because the Broncos got into the super bowl.

As Ralph became one of only a handful of duly recognized Super Fans, he used his celebrity for charitable causes. Everything from fundraising, to supporting children in need. He’s even used his limousines to transport people in need to various events – free.

How it started:

“While I was an independent limo driver, and a huge Denver Broncos fan, seeing my team get into the Super Bowl inspired me to turn my limo into a Broncos’ limo. (…) Later on, I was inspired by my late mother to use my limos, and my Super-fan persona to help with charitable causes.”

The Limo Driver

His second limousine was a stretched first generation Ford Expedition, which was heavily modified. It’s the one, along with his unique look, that has been photographed so many times. Ralph has been lauded many times with his energetic support of the team, and community.

“I still love the Denver Broncos, and all of the special fans out there. It can be difficult, when you have band-wagon fans who refuse to support the team when things get tough. But the Denver Broncos are more than a team, they represent the spirit of the community, and I am so proud to support them. No matter what”

Ralph, The Limo Driver has been interviewed, and spotlighted several times in the past, but all of that was before the pandemic. What came next was a series of painful events including family loss, bouts with COVID, hospitalizations and a long hiatus from his beloved Broncos.

Now on the mend, The Limo Driver is making a comeback. With a new sense of purpose, and a wave of nostalgic enthusiasm, The Limo Driver is set to start a campaign to secure a new limousine. He just posted a Go Fund Me page, and is hopeful fans will discover, or re-discover his dedication to the Denver Broncos, and all of the charitable actions he hopes to fulfill.

Ralph, “The Limo Driver” is a statewide treasure, a friend to the Broncos, and our community. He’s also my friend.

Please check out his GoFundMe page for more details.