Ask Nathan: Is This Ford’s Project T3 EV Pickup, Death of the Chevy Camaro and Greetings from India?

Image: Ford

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Does this sketch resemble the Ford Project T3 electric pickup truck that’s going into production soon?
  • Why is the Chevrolet Camaro being killed?
  • We love TFL in India!

After seeing our podcast video mentioning the upcoming Ford Project T3 electric pickup truck, this fan had additional questions.

Image: Ford

Q: ( RE: Ford Project T3 EV pickup

Nathan and Andre, this is more of a question about what you said, and what you were talking about. I don’t have the ability to find the Ford T3 truck that you were talking about. I did listen to your podcast, and it got me very curious about this electric truck because there is no way I can afford a Ford lightning.

What are the reasons why a lot of people are saying that the Ford lightning is too expensive is because of its demand. I think it has a lot to do with the parts and the micro chips that are difficult to get to. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like all the pricing for these electric trucks are stratospheric. If Ford build a small electric pick up truck, maybe regular guys like me to forward them? 

  • Thomas Double Doubter
Image: Ford

A: First of all, let me point out this my statement about the Ford Project T3 electric pickup is pure speculation.

I know some viewers and readers become irritated with my speculation, but it’s usually based on some kernel of fact. Oddly, this one may have been a bit of a slip from Ford Design. On top of that, our guesswork at TFL Studios is often accurate.

Without getting into the theological, or ecumenical interpretation of your screen name, I do understand the doubt. My statement, and these pages, follow a peculiar mention of a small, or sub-compact electric pickup truck Ford was working on. Nothing came of it for months, until I caught wind of the above images.

Ford is applying for a patent for a sliding rollbar, and an extending tailgate; one that extends into a loading ramp. Cool, no? What caught my eye was the choice of cab design the Ford designer opted to use for these sketches. This is FAR different than anything I’ve seen the folks at Ford produce when they’d applied for other patents. Usually, the sketch resembles a regular pickup truck’s cab, but not this time.

Check out (this) post for more information about the Ford Project T3.

To me, it resembles the cab-forward design being used by Canoo. When I first glanced at this image, it stunned me. I hear a lot of chatter about the design of this pickup being something completely different. Well, this looks different to me.

What do you guys think?

– N

The next question comes from YouTube, regarding the death of the Chevrolet Camaro

(Richard Prince/Chevrolet Photo)

Q: (Via: YouTube) Nathan, I have a second question for you. Why kill the Chevy Camaro?

If Chevy is killing the Camaro, I would like a real reason why. There are still lots of people who love the Camaro. It doesn’t make sense!

– Omar

A: I’m sorry my friend, but GM’s new direction, and poor sales numbers are to blame.

General Motors stated a while back that they are moving to electrify their vehicles. In many cases, that also means removing the current models, if they prove to be bad for their bottom line. Unfortunately, the Camaro’s sales numbers have been slipping lately. In the United States, Chevrolet sold less than 25,000 in 2022. Ford nearly doubled those numbers, and Dodge somehow managed to well over that in 2022.

Unlike Ford, GM doesn’t seem to be that interested in the Camaro, and they are cutting it loose with little fanfare. At least Dodge is doing special editions leading up to the end of the Challenger line. Oddly, Chevrolet has done very little for the Camaro.

Rumor has it that GM is looking at bringing back the Camaro nameplate with an electric platform.

We’ll see.

– N

The last question comes from a fan in India.

This video is from 10-years back, when Roman visited India!

Q: (Via:Twitter@NathanAdlen) Just wanted to say “HI” to TFL from India!

We love your videos and hope you come and visit our country soon! Do you think you can come here and look at some of our exceptional cars? I know you like little cars and we build many!

– Nafees

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Image: Tata

A: Thanks for that!

I would love to visit India. The vehicles you produce are fascinating, and I would love to see India’s auto industry in person – one day. As far as I know, the only member of the TFL team who’s visited India is Roman.

Thanks for the support!

– N