Chevy Will Give Somebody $100,000 To Chase Their Passion, And 3 Months with a New Trax

They're taking submissions starting January 13 to find a "Lead Dream Chaser" to award the prize.

Chevy Trax "Lead Dream Chaser"
[Photos: Chevy]

Interested in being Chevy’s “Lead Dream Chaser”?

The all-new, 2024 Chevy Trax is coming this spring. To promote the launch, Chevy is searching or a “Lead Dream Chaser.” That is to say, someone who wants to spend 3 months and $100,000 to “pursue their lifelong dream or passion project.”

To help along the journey, Chevy provides a new Trax for those 3 months. All the winner has to do is document their experiences on social media. Entries open this Friday, January 13 at 12PM ET and remain open for 30 days. Chevy strategically chose a Friday as the start date since a survey they commissioned showed Friday afternoons to be “the most popular time of the week for daydreaming.”

How Chevy will choose a winner

Everette Taylor, the CEO of Kickstarter, stepped in to help choose a winner as well. Taylor has a history with helping people pursue their ideas. That’s why Chevy made him a partner on their new campaign.

There’s a short list of requirements in order to enter. First you have to make a short video explaining your idea and how you’ll use the Trax and money to meet what goal you set. Then you explain how you’ll document the process on social media. Finally, submit the video to

Chevy plans to announce Lead Dream Chaser finalists in March, and the winner in April.

More on the upcoming Trax

The 2024 Trax will go on sale starting at $21,495 to start. Under the hood lies a 1.2L turbo three-cylinder with 137 horsepower. It is, however, front-wheel drive only. If you want more power or AWD, you’ll have to opt for the Trailblazer. Though the Trax offers a lower starting price and more space than its similarly sized sibling.

To get a closer look at the all-new Chevy Trax, check out Roman’s video on the car below.