It’s Almost Here: The Paradigm-Shifting Chevy Corvette E-Ray Will Debut January 17

"I don't know how to feel about this...", says one of the TFL team

(Image: Chevrolet)
  • The new 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray is just one week away, according to the automaker’s social media post, and will officially be revealed on January 17.
  • This will shake up the already genre-bending C8 Corvette lineup even further, by introducing an all-wheel drive hybrid version, on top of shifting to the mid-engine layout for this generation.
  • Exact powertrain specs are still something of a question mark, though we should have more information next Tuesday.

A Corvette on snow? Oh yes, the all-wheel drive Corvette E-Ray is upon us.

Even more huge changes are afoot for the C8 lineup, as we finally have an official reveal date for the hybridized Corvette E-Ray. This car has been on the current generation’s roadmap for awhile, but at least now we’ll know what the manufacturer actually has up its sleeve to push the envelope even further.

“A hybrid Corvette?”, says one Corvette-owning member of the TFL team who shall go unnamed (Kase). “I’m not so sure how to feel about that one.” For sure, seeing the General promote the forthcoming E-Ray’s capabilities on snow does feel a bit…strange for those resplendent in the sports car’s decidedly rear-wheel drive history.

As averse as some may be to such a massive change, at least we do know the Corvette E-Ray still packs a V8. This is America, after all — we’re holding on to those eight screaming cylinders as long as we possibly can before GM inevitably shifts its lineup to all-electric models across the board.

The company’s Facebook post (click to watch video) demonstrates a few of the E-Ray’s key features. Apart from the V8 soundtrack, we’ll also get a Stealth drive mode to pilot the car on electricity alone. An earlier, albeit brief look at the leaked configurator showed bespoke E-Ray badging, as well as a curious button on the driver’s side of the center console offering some control over the car’s regenerative braking. It’s not clear at the moment how much control a driver will have over that feature, but you’d think it would be substantial considering how many folks are going to track their E-Rays.

Of course, we’ll know much more in a week’s time, so stay tuned for those updates.

What do you think: Would you take the plunge on this Corvette or try for a Z06 instead? Odds are this model will be a similar grade of unobtainium at first…but we’ll see.

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