Mazda Will Reveal Its Rotary Plug-in Hybrid MX-30 This Week: Report

Mazda could reveal the range extender-equipped car as early as this Friday

What we know about the rotary range extender

Last year, we saw patent filings from Mazda for a rotary engine range extender in the MX-30. The design showed a three-rotor engine paired to a 48-volt hybrid system. At the time we held little hope around seeing the design make production.

Even so, the rumors around this powertrain have stayed alive. Now, thanks to a recent report from Autoblog, we have reason to believe Mazda might make the rotary range extender official this week. According to the article, Mazda will reveal their rotary plug-in hybrid at the Brussels Motor Show on January 13. The announcement from Mazda shows only a classic rotary triangle logo with the addition of an “e” in the center.

Here’s how it works in the MX-30

As it stands, the MX-30 has just a 35.5-kWh battery. With such a small battery the MX-30 goes only 100 miles on a charge. A range extender could massively improve that range. Similar designs in other cars such as the BMW i3 and Chevy Bolt have done a good job of fighting off range anxiety. You get the daily driving convenience of charging at home, and the ability to fill up at a gas station on longer trips.

While it’s far from a spiritual successor to the RX-8, it would give the rotary engine another chance at going mainstream. Though, according to public reports, the addition of a rotary isn’t expected to come with a power boost from the standard EV’s 147 horsepower. The current MX-30 starts at $33,470 before destination. It’s safe to assume that a range extended model would command a more premium price tag.

Stay tuned for additional updates from Mazda coming very soon. To get a closer look at the current MX-30, check out Tommy’s first drive of the car linked below.