Video: Here’s What It’s Like to COMPLETELY Avoid Traffic in Tesla’s Las Vegas Tunnel!

What's it like to ride in a Tesla through the Las Vegas tunnels?

The Las Vegas Loop is all run by Tesla cars.

I’m not using “Las Vegas Loop” as these tunnels are a boon for advertising Tesla cars, as such, I think Tesla’s Las Vegas Tunnel is a better title. This comes right from the automaker, and is a rolling advertisement for their cars, and the Tesla Boring company as well. After riding it during the 2022 SEMA show, I have to admit, it’s pretty slick.

Think of Tesla’s Las Vegas Tunnel system as a series of mini tunnels (tubes) that go under the busy Las Vegas streets. With no traffic to slow them down, and a carefully controlled directional control, it takes minutes to ride. The speed limit is 45 mph through the tunnels, although it sure feels like its moving faster. That may have to do with the tight confines of the tunnel, and the lack of landmark reference as you move along.

To add to the “Vegas” feel, both the tubes and cars are illuminated in nifty, neon-like lightning. Swanky.

Roman’s patients was tested (that’s easy to to do), as a reporter interviewed the driver while he and Andre waited. It was pretty funny, and shows one of the things that thwarts Tesla – human drivers. Insiders have stated that Elon Musk initially wanted the cars to run autonomously, without a driver. This is a common theme for the Tesla head.

Sorry dude… rails make more sense.

As I rode on the Vegas Loop, it occurred to me that the whole thing makes little sense once it catches on. If you think about each Tesla carrying 3 to 5 passengers at a time, the numbers make little sense. If you had an electric bus system, or subway – more people can move in the same space.

Check out this video and tell us what you think of the setup!