We’re Doing an EV Cannonball Road Trip in a Hyundai Ioniq 5: Here’s How It’s Going So Far! (First Update)

Here's how the trip's gone so far!

Hyundai Ioniq 5 - "O2O" update

Here’s the skinny on our latest EV excursion — this time featuring the brand-new Hyundai Ioniq 5!

This cross-county electric vehicle trip is supported, in part, by Electrify America. Check out what to expect with the EA charging network and find your nearest DC fast charging station using the link: Electrify America

Similar in spirit to other cross-country challenges, our “O-2-O” run — Orange County, California to Orange County, Florida — will take us along a southerly Interstate route through the continental United States. That is to say, over 90-percent will be on Interstate 10 (I-10). The main point is to see how long it will take if we only stop for charging (driving at legal speeds). That means, a good vehicle to select would be one that has a fast-charging rate, making the Hyundai Ioniq 5 a solid option.

At the very last minute, we had to change the start and finish point. Long story short, we are starting and finishing at fountains. Yep, we’re leaving from Old Town Orange, Orange County where there’s a fountain. About 2,500 miles later, we will finish at a fountain next to Eola Lake, in Orange County, which is near Orlando.

Last time we did a major, long-distance EV video series, it was in a Ford F-150 Lightning. We opted to take it up to one of the most northern locations possible, in a state (Alaska) that has very little infrastructure for EVs. It was a logistical, and nerve-bending hurdle that showed how difficult it can be. This time, we’re hoping that we can demonstrate how much easier it is with the necessary infrastructure in place. Fingers crossed.

We’re hoping to prove that it’s doable…cabin fever notwithstanding

We’re also doing this for charity. For every mile we cover, TFL Studios will donate one dollar to the charity. We will be using Electrify America’s chargers along the way, as they are the fastest and most abundant along our chosen route. While we journey through the southern U.S., we will drop off boxes of swag for fans. More on that below.

You can check out TFL Studios’ TikTok channel, or head to AllTFL.com to witness the drop-off locations!

Day 1 notes:

Once we arrived in Orange County, CA on November 1st, we set out to double check our starting point for the next day. This is a journey that has to have a set starting and ending point. That way, if someone else attempts it, they will have the same exact locations as markers. Once Roman, Cole (our videographer/producer) and I got our bearings, we retire to the last hotel we’ll sleep at for the next three days.

Stay tuned for more updates!

We have a few updates from the first day on the TFL EV channel. You can follow along over there: