6 Ways to Boost Mercedes-Benz Performance

From basic (tires!) to complex (tunes!), here's a quick guide to upgrading your Mercedes

Mercedes Benz Performance
Souping up a late-model Mercedes Benz is easier than you think. (Images: Ambitious Creative/unsplash)


Car tuning is often considered a complicated matter. Movies and TV shows lead us to think that all projects demand huge amounts of time and money and that they are the only way to obtain results of any kind. Fortunately, when you take a closer look at this topic, and do so using information from trustworthy sources, you can realize that it is not so difficult to make your Mercedes Benz somewhat better.

This possibility even exists for Mercedes’ vaunted AMG models, which are already tuned and engineered to the manufacturer’s highest performance standards. Still, it’s possible to make the car better and do it in several ways that are not necessarily complex. They will not bring otherworldly results, of course, but they will, indeed, dramatically improve the everyday experience your car can offer you. This article is going to properly explain all those ways to you in some detail.

Body kits – Aerodynamics

Sporty bumpers and spoilers can do more for your car than just making it prettier. High-quality ones are designed to integrate with the car’s shape and work as extensions that promote a smoother air flow. In the AMG GT body kit, for example, bumpers help with that with their shape and by using air diffusers. In other models, spoilers can slightly change their position according to the car’s speed.

All that work implies making the car more aerodynamic. That is the best goal one can pursue in car tuning because it is the best expression of “making the car better”: by promoting a smoother flow, the car can reach a higher top speed, produce less wind noise, and consume less fuel all at once. It is one of the best solutions especially for beginner enthusiasts who want to invest in this activity.

Cargo storage – Efficiency

The first part of this item is related to the previous one. Anything added to the car’s external profile affects its aerodynamics. Instead of simply tying large suitcases or boxes to the roof rack, you could consider investing in a proper cargo box. They are specifically made to offer maximum space while causing minimal aerodynamic impact. Besides that, they are usually made of lightweight materials.

Another important topic is simply trying to store cargo inside in the best possible way. That means avoiding unnecessary objects (the extra weight only helps increase fuel consumption) and making use of space dividers to better organize what you need to take with you. Respecting the available room and properly organizing objects within it is enough to make the trip safer and more efficient.

Exhaust system – Efficiency

In thermal engines, burning fuel produces a residual gas which must be removed from the engine. Modern cars pump that gas through the exhaust system to force them to interact with the catalytic converter, so as to become less pollutant, then lead them out the car. Since that system is directly related to the engine’s performance, it can be yet another interesting way to make your car better.

Performance exhaust systems have an optimized piping design that reduces resistant pressure from the gas flow. That is important for the engine to waste less power overcoming such pressure. Some systems also use electronically activated flaps inside the pipes to change their effective geometry: they can change how the engine will sound according to the driving mode selected by the driver.

Mercedes Benz AMG steering wheel
Mercedes Benz technology is impressive and with the right parts and expertise, tunable.

Engine tune-up – Performance

This is the most common solution people consider when it comes to car tuning. The most complex solutions may include adding turbochargers and even replacing parts of the engine to increase its displacement. However, it is also possible to obtain great results by simply working on the engine’s control unit (ECU): it can be redefined to operate with fewer restrictions than the stock condition.

As you can imagine, changes like those are extremely risky, so you must not cut corners: getting the best parts available, like the Brabus PowerXtra module, and having them professionally installed may be expensive, but it is the best way to ensure that your tuned car will deliver the enhanced performance with adequate safety standards and in a way that keeps powertrain wear appropriate.

Braking system – Safety

This one should not be considered an alternative to the others, but a necessity if you invest in any of them. After all, it is impossible to execute good tuning only talking about acceleration. Adequate braking consists of stopping the car within reasonable distances and without any deviations from a straight line, always keeping a precise connection with the pedal, and having fast heat dissipation.

Here, performance brakes employ the best materials available in the market, like the AMG carbon ceramic system, in order to resist the typically high temperatures reached when braking from high speeds. These systems are designed to last longer, despite the severe use conditions, and to keep the driver in complete control over how much braking power the car can still offer at all times.

Genuine rims – Performance

Manufacturers put a lot of effort into making this product efficient. Mercedes Benz rims for high-performance cars, for example, are manufactured with a unique forging process that offers the light weight of alloy rims with the elevated mechanical resistance of traditional forged rims. In the end, they can perfectly withstand the demands of a sporty car and stay in top shape for many years.

While this automaker is known for being consistent when it comes to design, Mercedes Benz wheels are actually quite diverse. There is a wide variety of styles, colors, and trims, each one designed to be a precise style extension to the car they are intended to equip. Genuine wheels may not be the cheapest available, but they are certainly the best performing and the most durable in the market.

Mercedes Benz AMG parts
Wheels, brakes, tires, exhaust–you can make a ton of upgrades to a Mercedes Benz without messing with the engine.

Where can I get all that?

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