The Kia Stinger Will Reportedly Roll into the History Books Next Year

Kia's sports sedan is a cool car that never caught a large audience

2022 Kia Stinger GT
(Images: Kia)

It’s gotten a refresh and more power, but that wasn’t enough to save the Kia Stinger.

There’s bad news and worse news permeating the Internet, as reported by the folks over at South Korea’s Auto Times report. The Kia Stinger, which first launched back in 2017, will bow out in April 2023. That’s the bad news for the car’s enthusiasts.

The worse news? There’s no direct replacement in the pipeline. It’s not especially surprising, given how slow the car has been selling over the years. With a liftback design and 368 horsepower on tap (in the twin-turbo V6 GT, at least), the Stinger is one of the liveliest cars in Kia’s current lineup. Despite the Korean automaker’s intent to market this sporty model, though, just 13,517 people in the U.S. actually bought one. The numbers look far bleaker this year, as Kia dealers shifted just 6,643 through September.

For the time being, Kia has not officially confirmed the Stinger’s demise here in the U.S. The numbers make it all but inevitable, though, and rumors have been swirling for years that the automaker would drop it. With the recent sales trends and the EV6 GT‘s impending arrival marking a change in the automaker’s strategy, you may want to say your goodbyes now.

Or, if you want to grab one of the last examples hanging around on dealer lots, it’s probably better to act sooner rather than later.

Here’s a look at one of the special edition Stingers (though, it is decidedly not an Audi killer at this rate):

H/T to Korea’s Auto Times, Autoblog for their coverage.