Toyota Issues bZ4X Stop-Sale, Opens Buyback Offer to Current Owners and Reinforces ‘Don’t Drive’ Warning

Here's what Toyota is willing to do to try and make the situation right

2024 Toyota BZ4X - recall news
(Images: Toyota)
  • The 2023 Toyota bZ4X is facing a serious recall for loosening hub bolts that could cause the wheels to fall off.
  • All 2,700 bZ4X’s produced so far are affected by this recall.
  • There is no remedy for the issue as of August 5, 2022.
  • Toyota is reportedly offering to buy back affected vehicles from owners if they don’t want to wait for a fix.

Heads up Toyota BZ4X owners and shoppers — this is a serious recall.

Back in June, Toyota issued a safety recall on approximately 260 bZ4X vehicles in the US. In that notice, the company said that all of the hub bolts on a wheel can loosen, to the point where the wheels can actually fall off the vehicle. As of August there is still no fix, and it urges people to keep their vehicles parked.

Now, as first reported by Electrek, the automaker sent letters to current owners offering buybacks and a host of other options. Those include:

  • Providing (or continuing to provide) a loaner vehicle and store your bZ4X at no charge.
  • Reimburse fuel costs incurred while driving the provided loaner vehicle.
  • Giving a $5,000 credit toward loan/lease payments, or toward the purchase price if it was bought in cash.
  • An extended warranty period to cover the time the vehicle was not able to be driven (from June 23, 2022 until Toyota announces a remedy.
  • Additional time for complimentary charging through EVgo-owned and operated charging stations, through December 31, 2024.
  • Or a vehicle buyback, if none of the options above work.

In terms of the “repurchase”, the actual terms may vary, “depending on your state and particular circumstances.” On that basis, if you do own a bZ4X, do not expect to get 100% of your purchase price back (especially dealer markup) if you go the buyback route.

The recall also affects the Subaru Solterra EV, though that car has not made it into any US customers’ hands just yet.

Are you a current owner? Let us know what you’ve heard (if anything)

Tommy had a change to drive the 2023 Toyota bZ4X and was mostly positive about the experience. That said, in light of the current circumstances we obviously urge folks to heed Toyota’s advice not to drive the car, for your safety.

Still, it’s puzzling how such an issue could manifest from an automaker with such long and expansive manufacturing expertise. This is an especially important car for Toyota as well — and not one that needs to be tarred by such a serious problem. What’s more, just how long will it take the company to announce a fix?

Concerned owners can contact Toyota at (800) 331-4331 for more information.

We don’t know at this point, but if you are a bZ4X owner let us know your experience by shooting us a message at