If You Think the New Range Rover is Expensive, Then You Haven’t Seen the SV Carmel Edition

It's well beyond your "normal" Range Rover's asking price

2023 Range Rover SV Carmel Edition
(Images: Land Rover)
  • The new Range Rover aims to refine the ultra-luxury experience, with a price tag to match that ambition.
  • The ‘SV’ models push the envelope even further, and then you have this: the exclusive Carmel Edition.
  • This is one of just 17 units, and will be available only to guests of “Range Rover House” during Monterey Car Week.
  • What about the price? This Range Rover SV Carmel Edition costs $346,475.

There’s a new special and exclusive Range Rover, for when the “regular” model just won’t do.

Monterey Car Week brings a host of high-end, exclusive car reveals, and this Range Rover SV Carmel Edition is the latest to get a VIP-style reveal. If you caught your first glance of this car and thought, “Gee, the new Range Rover is already pretty swanky…what else could Land Rover possibly do with it?”

First off, I thought that too, at least momentarily. I’m also glad you asked, because you and the affluent individuals who could actually afford this Range Rover want to know. It’s only available in U.S. buyers and brings in Satin Bronze paint and unique 23-inch wheels, for a start. The Long Wheelbase-based Range Rover SV Carmel Edition also gets the four-seat “SV Signature Suite” layout with gloss white finishers throughout the interior.

Should you want to pop the cork on some champagne, the SV Carmel Edition also houses etched Dartington Crystal glassware inside the integrated refrigerator with electrically deployable cupholders. Liberty Blue front seats and Caraway tan rear seats (shown below) bring an even more exclusive look to the interior, to say little of the embossed elements throughout the car.

Here’s how much the Range Rover SV Carmel Edition costs

Well, only 17 of them will be available to an exclusive group of VIP buyers at the reveal event. Each one of those 17 will pay $346,475 for the privilege, including destination. But look at it this way: Land Rover will also fit you for a custom set of Titleist golf clubs to go with the car. While that is hundreds of thousands of dollars over the base Range Rover, the automaker did mention it would donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Of course, we’re interested in the new Range Rover as a machine, including its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 and its off-road capability. Not that you’d dream of taking a 1-of-17 car off-road, but it could technically do it. Here’s how the new Range Rover performs off the paved track: