Acura Confirms the ‘ZDX’ Name for Its Upcoming Electric SUV, and It’s Getting a Type S Variant

They're reviving an old nameplate and giving it a Type S variant

Acura ZDX EV Logo
(Images: Acura)
  • Acura revealed its Precision EV Concept earlier in the day Thursday — a glimpse at the brand’s upcoming direction.
  • That model (or at least elements from it) will eventually morph into the production SUV.
  • Now, the automaker has confirmed the ‘ZDX’ name for that model.
  • The Acura ZDX is due out in 2024, around the same time as the Honda Prologue crossover.

If the ZDX name sounds familiar, there’s a reason — you have seen it before.

Hot on the heels of showing what its all-electric future will look like, Acura confirmed the name of its upcoming SUV: the ZDX. Now, the brand has a few good names in its annuals, including the Legend and the Vigor. But no — we’re getting a revival (of sorts) for Acura’s version of the quirky Honda Crosstour.

If either name fails to ring a bell, don’t fret. Neither car stuck around very long, as Honda introduced the strangely styled SUVs for 2010. They rolled off into the sunset three years later, in 2013. You could argue the Acura ZDX was a misguided attempt to crib the coupe-like trend started by the BMW X6, or perhaps it came just a bit too early. After all, we now have so many of those weird and wonderful coupe-fied SUVs now.

Nonetheless, Acura now plans to pin the ZDX name to its an SUV derived from the Precision EV Concept. Not only do we know the automaker’s planning a 2024 production run for that car, but at least now we have a confirmed moniker for it too. But that’s not all: Acura also plans a Type S performance version. Sounds spicy.

What exactly will that look like? We don’t exactly have historical precedent to guide our guesses this time. We do know with certainty that the ZDX will use General Motors’ Ultium battery technology, just like the 2024 Honda Prologue. From there, both Honda and Acura plan to expand their electric lineups in collaboration with GM, though it’s unclear exactly how that will shake out just yet.

In the meantime, check out the Precision EV Concept for a better idea what the new ZDX will look like below: