Volkswagen Reveals EV Sedan — It’s the ID. AERO and It’s Coming to America

If you thought the mid-size sedan was dead in the US market, Volkswagen would like to have a word with you. Today the German brand unveiled the ID. AERO in China. European production in VW’s Eden plant and a global rollout — including the SUV-crazed States — is set for late 2023. The concept incorporates LED matrix headlights, a glossy contrasting roof, and an “extremely aerodynamic design.”

What do we know so far?

The ID. AERO is still a concept, but as part of the MEB platform we can expect it to resemble the ID4 electric crossover, which is currently the only electric VW shipping in the states. The ID4, while not particularly fast or exciting, is a competent and high tech electric crossover.

Due to its aero design and a net battery size of 77 kWh, VW says 620 km (that’s 385 miles!) on Europe’s WLTP range test. Our EPA’s figures tend to be more conservative, but even so it’s reasonable to expect well over 300 miles of real-world range if VW’s claims are accurate. If that’s correct, Tesla’s Model 3 might finally have some affordable German competition.

We don’t know anything about pricing yet, but the ID. AERO is squarely in the premium mid-size segment, so we can expect it to be comparable to an Arteon, perhaps a little more owing to its sizable battery pack. In addition to the Model 3, the ID. AERO will square up against Hyundai’s upcoming IONIQ6. Stay tuned to TFL to hear more about all things Volkswagen’s ID. lineup of electric vehicles.