2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Gets Some Range, Charging Tweaks And A Price Hike

The U.S.-built ID.4s are coming with the 2023 model year

2021/22 Volkswagen ID.4
The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 just went on sale, so don’t expect too many changes for the new model year. (Images: Volkswagen)

U.S. versions of the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 are getting a few tweaks, but will command more money.

The new model year has arrived, and pricing for the 2022 ID.4 has increased by $765 across both Pro and Pro S trim. That bump brings the base sticker for the rear-wheel drive Pro trim to $41,955, including VW’s $1,195 destination fee. If you’d prefer the dual-motor all-wheel drive model, that pricing will now kick off at $45,635.

As before, the RWD Volkswagen ID.4 packs 201 horsepower, while the AWD model manages 295 horsepower. However, this year should bring some range improvements for the 2022 model year. Specific estimates aren’t available just yet, but we’re expecting at least a small bump from the 240 to 260-mile figures throughout different configurations of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 lineup. These cars, built for Europe and the U.S. market in Zwickau, Germany, also get an over-the-air update bumping the onboard charger’s capacity from 125 kW to 135 kW, improving charging times. Plug & Charge capability to make the experience easier at Electrify America stations and an auto-hold feature added to the electronic parking brake are also included in an OTA update for 2022, as well.

2021/22 Volkswagen ID.4

More in the pipeline

Now, when the 2023 model year rolls around, more changes will arrive as the U.S.-built models roll out from the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. Those cars will get a new battery pack (from SKI, rather than LG), as well as a revised center console. Per Volkswagen of America CEO Scott Keogh, the 2023 ID.4’s console will be more “American-style”, but left it at that — so use your imagination as to what that actually means for now.

Volkswagen will eventually launch a cheaper, $35,000 version of the ID.4 when the next model changes roll around, Keogh says. For a lower price tag, expect to see a smaller-capacity pack on the options list sometime in calendar year 2023.