This Is the Only New Car That Costs LESS Than a Netflix Subscription

(Image: TFL Studios)

How can you get any car “on the cheap” these days? Well, there is one way…

Over the past few years, the general sense has been that new car prices are astronomically high. Even to get an “affordable” car like a Toyota RAV4, let’s say, you have to shell out more than $30,000. Over the span of a 60-month loan, that works out to nearly $600 a month if you don’t put money down. Today, though, is a different story…because Tommy’s been car shopping, and he found a deal that costs you less each month than the office Starbucks run.

Now, granted, we are not talking about outright financing a car to own here. We are talking about a lease option, but you can still get into a brand-new car with no money down, for just $19 a month. That’s about the same as most streaming services charge these days, and this is a no-fees deal with an option to buy it out at the other end of the two-year lease term, if you want.

So, which car is it? Well, one of our local Nissan dealers have a ton of Leaf EVs available under this deal. And when I say a ton, I’m not kidding — at time of writing, 60 cars are available with this offer.

Check out more below on how this works and what exactly you get for the money. Sure, the Leaf may not be the most thrilling car in the dealer’s “Thrill of Summer” sales event, but picking up a car for $19 a month with next-to-nothing running costs? That can be huge peace of mind for some folks out there. (If you dig into the fine print, there are a couple caveats: One particular note is that there are some fees, and the payments work out to $79/month if you roll the fees into the 2-year lease. But hey, that’s still insanely cheap, even for a base model Leaf).