Ask Nathan: Will the Kia Midsize Pickup Truck Come to the U.S.A, 2023 Honda HR-V, and – No More Ford?

Rendering by automotive designer Sungjin Jo via Behance

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Will we see the Kia midsize pickup truck in the states?
  • Who wants a 2023 Honda HR-V?
  • Ford F-150 overload?

The first question is from a Kia fan who wants to know if the rumored Kia midsize pickup truck is coming to North America.

Q: (via Twitter @NathanAdlen) I think it’s time for the market to change, and the Kia midsize pickup (ute) heading to Australia might be perfect.

Could you imaging a Kia midsize pickup with their huge warranty? I love my Kia Soul, and it’s my third Kia. Very underrated brand. It makes sense that they are focusing on a bigger pickup. I hope they come soon!

Acqua J

This is an old KIA Pickup truck concept called the Mojave

A: Please remember: the Kia midsize pickup truck is still a rumor, but one with a lot of inside backing.

Recent reports have quotes from Kia Motors Australia product planning manager, Roland Rivero. What he’s specifically talking about is a truck (not a car-based pickup) that would compete Down Under. Even if this pickup is built, it may be for the overseas’ market, and not ours. The quote below comes from CarsGuide.Com.Au.

“If we’re going to bring in a ute, it has to be a HiLux competitor, it has to be ladder-frame, and from our perspective also, we see that as the greatest volume and profit contributor. And if you’re going to go all in, you’re going to go in proper 4×4, 4×2, single-cab, double-cab utes… by categorisation, it’s a C pick-up, which is more Ranger, HiLux, D-Max, Triton, as opposed to (the larger) F-series truck.”

Kia Motors Australia product planning manager, Roland Rivero

There’s more. We’ve announced Kia’s EV lineup strategy in the past. It seems that there’s a possibility that Kia may have electric and gas (PHEV?) versions of their pickup trucks.

We’ll keep you posted when more data comes our way!

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The next question comes from a current Honda HR-V owner, who’s skeptical about the 2023 model. This conversation took place over lunch last month, before I drove it.

Image: Honda

Q: (Paraphrased) Why should I even consider getting the 2023 Honda HR-V over my 2019 HR-V?

My lease is up in six months, and my dealer says they will have the new HR-Vs on the lot by then. I love my ’19 model, and I’m not convinced that the new one is that much better.

Nancy (fake name – by request)

A: The fact is: the 2023 Honda HR-V is all-new, from the ground up.

Being that I cannot discuss driving impressions, I can tell you what the major differences are. In the video above, the numbers are mentioned as well. In a later, driving impressions video, we actually have both models side-by-side.

Honda wanted to address two major issues with the current HR-V: passenger space and power. To do so, they built an all-new vehicle based on many components from the new Honda Civic. Much of the platform, powertrain, interior and tech come right out of the Civic. The most notable difference from the Civic (other than looks) is the unique multi-link rear suspension. Unlike other Civics, this vehicle offers all-wheel drive (AWD) as an option.

Honda made the 2023 HR-V larger (in most ways), more powerful and added a lot of standard tech.

On the flip-side, the ’23 HR-V is less efficient and dispenses with the lauded “magic seat.” This rear seat function would allow for large items to be stored when the back seat flips up. That’s gone, but in its place, there’s more passenger space. One final odd note, despite the new HR-V being much larger (about 9-inches longer) it has slightly less cargo space than before. Still, I think that space was sacrificed for more human space.

The video should help you figure out the numbers. Very soon, we will have a full driving impressions video which was shot both on AND off-road!

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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro. Pre-production model with available features shown. Available starting spring 2022. (Image: Ford)

The last question comes from a “former” fan who is sick of all of our Ford F-150 coverage.

Q: So I was a fan for a while until FL started their Ford F-150 blitz.

Every other video I see is featuring a Ford F-150! Like can you guys find news on other trucks? I’m so sick of all these crappy Fords. So I’m done watching!

  • Anonymous

A: Sorry to see you go.

Let me ask you a question: what is the most notable automotive news story out there? Have we seen a brand new Chevy truck (well, we did – so we bought the ZR2). What about Ram? We did buy a Heavy Duty Ram a few months back. Toyota? Yep, we’ve owned a new Tundra too.

If there’s something noteworthy, we cover it. If it’s something all-new, or significantly updated, we try to own them.

Right now, Ford is being very aggressive with their product debuts. We know that Ford is getting a lot of attention, and that’s because they released several trucks that interest our viewers. At the end of the day, if our viewers are not into the vehicle, we’ll move on.

Sorry you’re disappointed, I suggest The Annoying Orange YouTube channel as a replacement.


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p.s. here’s even more FORD!