(Video) 220,000+ Miles – This Mitsubishi Evo Has Driven To The Moon: Here’s Everything That Broke

Tommy reviews a 2004 Mitsubishi Evo that has clocked over 220,000 miles, and is still running strong today.

Our friend Eric bought the 2004 Mitsubishi Evo as an already deep-rooted Mitsubishi fan. Not only was Eric a fan, he was part of many signatories on a petition to bring the Evo over to the United States. Unlike a vast majority of Evo owners, Eric’s Evo is somewhat unmolested, that is to say, it hasn’t been unnecessarily modified. The upgrades he added were strictly for performance, and not for looks. That’s rare.

The engine is a turbocharged, 2.0-liter, inline four-cylinder (4G63), which has had extensive performance upgrades. Fortunately, Eric showed just enough restraint to keep the vehicle reliable for nearly two decades.

Tommy thinks the Mitsubishi Evo is #1! … Well, he likes the car, but dislikes the automaker.

One interesting story Eric talks about is the method he had to utilize to flash his vehicle. Back then, Evos didn’t have an OBDII port to jack in to. He had to remove the ECU, which was behind the glove compartment, and send it out. A month later, the ECU was sent back, re-flashed.

After these modifications, Eric guesstimates that the Evo makes about 300(plus)-horsepower at the wheels. Despite the major power boost, he says the Mitsubishi hasn’t left him stranded once. It’s one of the most reliable cars he’s owned. Over the past 19-years, he’s replaced three clutches, a few timing belts, the radiator and an alternator. Once again, for nearly two decades, that’s impressive.

Unsurprisingly, the sunroof is the only stock item that broke. That’s pretty common.

Why do we go on and on about this vehicle’s reliability? It has the same turbo, block, and the bottom end hasn’t been touched. He never blew a head gasket, no valve work either.

In this video, Tommy and Eric dive deep into Evo lore, and his remarkably strong Mitsubishi!